BIOGENESIS can develop products to meet a specific idea or new concept, revolve around specific ingredients, match the characteristics & performance of a product you have selected, or work from a formula you have developed yourself or with another formulator. We are a product development and custom manufacturing lab. Everything we do is custom made exclusively for each client. Custom made products allow you to get exactly what you want. If you decide that a custom made product is what you want, the first step in development is to discuss your ideas and needs. The more information and details you can supply, the more focused our development can be.

Our clients are always assured of quality and we offer the quality control systems to create the confidence that's needed. We provide:
• Ongoing adherence to strict procedural protocols as
   mandated by Federal and State agencies
• State of the art computer assay and analysis
• Raw material analysis and evaluation
• Online and laboratory analysis of products
• Long-term stability testing